The Tea Party: Republicans or Parasites?

By: Gary J Verdes


So here we are two weeks and counting into the Government Shutdown started by a fringe group of the GOP the Tea Party for the sole reason of repealing the Affordable Care Act Law (ObamaCare).

The Affordable Care Act Law was passed by Congress on March 23, 2010 and upheld by the Supreme Court, and the GOP has had three years to work in Congress to make the Affordable Care Act Law better for the American People, but instead the GOP-led House voted to defund / repeal it 42 times, knowing each time it would never pass the Senate.

The Tea Party not a party at all just a group of Parasites living off the GOP and now bringing the GOP down to its lower poll number ever, are the sole cause of the Shutdown, led by Senator Cruz a no name from Texas until he took up the mantel of Tea Party leader for the sole reason to raised money for his 2016 Presidential aspirations. Cruz has single handedly done to the GOP what the Democrats could have never done, giving the GOP an 24 percent favorable opinion and the American voters now prefer a Democratic-controlled Congress to a Republican-controlled one (47 percent to 39 percent), up from the Democrats’ three-point advantage last month (46 percent to 43 percent), and at the bottom is the Tea Party (21 percent favorable/47 percent unfavorable).  And the real kicker for the GOP is the Affordable Care Act Law has become more popular since the shutdown began. Thirty-eight percent see the Affordable Care Act Law (ObamaCare) as a good idea, versus 43 percent who see it as a bad idea – up from 31 percent good idea, 44 percent bad idea last month.

So where will it end for the GOP; for one the Affordable Care Act Law will still be law even with its rocky start, the Senate will never vote to repeal it and President Obama will never sign it even if they did. Second; now that the GOP let a small group of Tea Baggers, less than 50 members, in Congress take control of its agenda, the GOP will now will have to start from its lowest favorable opinion with the American People in history to rebuild the Party. Not being a member of either party as an Independent may I make just one suggestion to the GOP, Bag the Tea Party before they totally destroy your party, let the Tea Party stand on their own, be their own party, and not be the Parasites they have been on the GOP. It’s time the GOP once again stood for the Grand Old Party, and Worked to Made America Better for All the People and Remove the Cancer (The Tea Party) From its Ranks!

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