Where do we get these politicians these days? We Elective them!

By: Gary J Verdes

Anthony Weiner the other day told a voter that: “You Don’t Get To Judge Me.” Guess what Anthony Weiner and all you other full of yourselves politicians, We the People / Voters not only get to judge you, we are your Judge, Jury and Executioner’s and that is not only the voters right but it’s our duty to be your Judge, Jury and Executioner’s.  It seems these days most of the politicians that represent us, don’t have any idea of what it is like to live a life of reality.  Politicians seem to think they are above the people and the law, if an ordinary citizen pulled what Weiner did on the Internet exposing himself to young women that citizen wouldn’t only not be running for public office he would be behind bars.  Another scumbag San Diego Mayor Bob Filner gets to resign from office as part of the proposed settlement he reached with city officials in the sexual harassment lawsuit brought against him by a former aide. So if that was an ordinary citizen their settlement would be a jail cell. Its pass time that politicians are treated the same as all citizens, and not given any special treatment, time and time again politicians break laws and are able to hide behind their office, enough is enough.

Should politicians be allowed to break the laws that the rest of us are expected to abide by?

Should they get the same punishment as the rest of us if they do break the law?

I find it truly amazing and appalling that politicians and candidates for political office can seem to get away with breaking the law, while the average citizen is punished heavily for doing the same. This issue knows no political party as Democrats and Republicans have both had their fair share of breaking the law and getting away with it. Law Breaking knows no bounds when it comes to politicians. Washington D.C. lawmakers have gotten away with insider trading for many years

Like everyone else, members of Congress are subject to current insider trading laws. However, current insider trading laws do not apply to nonpublic information about current or upcoming congressional activity, that’s because members of Congress aren’t technically obligated to keep that information confidential.

So, for instance, if a lawmaker learns an upcoming bill will grant a company a large government contract, which could boost that company’s stock, he or she is free to buy that stock ahead of the bill’s public introduction. This form of “insider trading” is one of the reasons why there are so many wealthy members of Congress.


How can it be that Congress can pass laws and not be subject to them?

Congress should have to live by the laws they pass just like the rest of us do.

The America People need to stop overlooking the law breaking of their elective leaders and start to hold them accountable for their actions. When elected officials break the law, they break the law for all of us. They represent us, after all, so their actions in public office reflect the people who elected them.

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