56 Men

By: Gary J Verdes

Our Founding Fathers, the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence came from all walks of life, they were, lawyers, merchants, planters, farmers, agriculturists, academics, authors, surveyors, doctors, ministers, brewers, musicians, poets, printers, scientists, seamen. Many came from great wealth for their time and many lost all they owned to support the American Revolution.

Because of their sacrifice, many Americans today are able to create great wealth for themselves due to the republic form of government they set up. The Founding Fathers had the foresight to see that their sacrifice would benefit the future generations of Americans and that made it all worth whatever they would have to endure.

So where are the kinds of leaders we need today? It’s shameful in this nation where so many have profited through the sacrifice of our Founding Fathers some who lost everything for his country, there are not any willing to stand up for their country today and put anything on the line when our country needs them.
People like: Bill Gates $59 B, Warren Buffett $39 B, Larry Ellison $33 B, Charles Koch $25 B, David Koch $25 B, Christy Walton $24.5 B, George Soros $22 B, Sheldon Adelson $21.5 B, Jim Walton $21.1 B, Alice Walton $20.9 B, S. Robson Walton $20.5 B, Michael Bloomberg $19.5 B, Jeff Bezos $19.1 B, Mark Zuckerberg $17.5 B, Sergey Brin $16.7 B, Larry Page $16.7 B, John Paulson $15.5 B, Michael Dell $15 B. And yes that B is for Billion. These are the top 18 who make 15 Billion or more, there are 14 more Americans worth 10 Billion plus, 37 more Americans who are worth 5 Billion plus. There are 397 American Billionaires. 400 Richest Americans Got Richer This Year, As Most Americans’ Net Worth Tanked: Read about it at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/09/23/richest-americans_n_736182.html  To read about our Founding Fathers the Signers of the Declaration of Independence got to :https://independentbi-partisancoalition.us/founding-fathers.html and hopefully the above mentioned will read this too and think about what they can do for America in our country’s time of need.
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